TALLA ART Jewelry is created with different types of materials depending on the idea of a certain collection. Proper care and gentle handling of bijouterie allows preserving its original appearance for a long time.


If you follow the recommendations for use and care, you will keep your designer’s piece of art in perfect condition for years to come.

How to Wear Jewelry

Designer’s jewelry requires gentle handling.

When you choose an item, it is recommended to take into account your lifestyle.

It is not recommended to wear jewelry:

  • While washing hands, bathing, taking shower, applying cream, body lotion as long as particles of cosmetic products may stay on jewelry and thus it may darken.
  • In the course of activities involving contact with corrosive substances (gardening, cleaning, dishwashing) because they may damage components of your bijouterie.
  • In the course of sports activities in order to avoid blows and scratches. In a fitness club, swimming pool, Finnish bath, sun parlor, at the beach as long as impact of sweat, chlorine and high temperatures is destructive for jewelry.
  • Please take off your bijouterie before going to bed in order not to break it accidentally.

We also recommend avoiding:

  • Intense heating: temperature drops may cause irreparable harm to some materials (e.g., semi-precious minerals).
  • Use of hair styling products, makeup and perfumes when wearing jewelry: cosmetics contain chemicals that cause damage of some materials, including semi-precious stones.

Storage of items

  • Items of jewelry should be kept separately from each other in individual packages in order to avoid scratching and other mechanical damages in case of contact of items. The brand TALLA ART packs its products into individual pouches or boxes, which you may use for their storage.
  • Please always clasp chains so that they won’t tangle.
  • Please clean items with the help of flannel cloth after each wearing as long as they are in constant contact with the acidic environment of the skin and may oxidize. With this procedure your jewelry will acquire its original appearance.


Always be beautiful!