TM TALLA ART – Ukrainian brand of unique accessories and jewelry.

Alla Tolokneeva, founder and designer of TM TALLA ART, designer clothing and accessories, teacher.

The brand was founded in 2004. Registration of a trademark and copyright, in 2012

The main key towards creating a unique copyright of creative works – an original combination of shapes, textures, colors and proportions, attention to detail and high quality. You will not find similar to each other decoration, as each of them – handmade.

Unique handmade jewelry collected in a single copy in the collection in various styles.


The names of the collections:

  • “The strength of natural crystal” – the elite class, with 925 silver. An exclusive collection, since it is impossible to repeat the color and shape of semi-precious stone.
  • “Ethno” – an appeal to the motives and traditions of different cultures, the basis of all jewelry – natural materials.
  • “Charm” – bracelets natural minerals.
  • “Futurism” – the style of the “future”. Light and reflection space objects. Materials: Italian luxury plastic, plastic crystals, rubber.
  • “Reincarnation” – transformation of forms, using Magic Mesh, gourmet Italian jewelry grid.
  • “The line on the glass” – glass and Murano jewelry wire. Hand weaving.
  • “Classic” – the classic lines and shapes. Pearls and crystals Swarovski, crystal Preciosa.
  • “Emotions are an angel” – a collection of wedding with feathers. new collection of wedding jewelry “Emotions Angel”, created for the All-Ukrainian festival of wedding Angel Fest, namely creative wedding Angel Fest party «Angels in the opera.” Author’s collection is made with lace, Swarovski crystals and pearls, ostrich feathers, silver-plated accessories, satin ribbons.
  • A collection of silk flowers for the collection of Ukrainian designer Lera Leshcheva presented in London and Paris in 2014
  • “From the sea foam” – a collection of jewelry for wedding in a nautical style.


The brand attracted the attention of several major fashion magazines City of Love, HARVED, as well as projects with the stars of the Ukrainian show business: Yulia Voice, singer Yaroslava, Zemfira Orlova.

Clients: Jewelry House «ZARINA», Silver Home, Vlasta, BOROVIK. Country: England, London, Switzerland, Geneva, Italy Palermo, Montenegro Petrovac, Mexico City, Mexico, Sweden, Stockholm.